"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

{The Scoop}

Tonight I found it in my heart to forgive Scoops, my used-to-be favorite ice cream parlor, for being so freakin' stingy recently with their medium cup serving size, and went back tonight for some Sugar Free/Fat Free Butter Pecan/Strawberry swirled with a kid-sized scoop of Reese's pieces! Yummy! I have also discovered that if you go inside to order, instead of going through the drive through, you get about 2x's more yogurt in your cup...and that makes me happy!
{There's just something about a smilin' star that makes me feel so good!}

So... instead of being mad... I guess i'll just go in for my fro-yo from now on! There aren't many other places in town where I can find such a delicious, healthy treat so I was forced to call a
truce! And looking back I probably could have left off the Resse's pieces toppings and saved a few "points" but then again...what fun would that have been?

And since I'm on the subject of "points" I must say that I hit a rough spot in my Weight Watchers journey this past week. I was lazy, didn't journal my eats like I should, and as a result, ended up eating more than I should have. It was a BIG reminder that I need to be diligent about writing down everything I eat so I don't get sidetracked and end up putting the lbs pack on...YIKES! Like today for example...

I haven't journaled any of my eats (forgot to grab my journal as I left this morning for YARD SALES AND THE JOCKEY LOT...more about that soon!) and I bet ya I ended up going over my "points" value for the day.

Let's see:

On the way to the first few yard sales:
Fat Free Cookies - 2
Handful of fiber one cereal- 1
At Ryan's Breakfast Buffet:
Honey Dew-1
One scrambled egg-2
Three pieces of raisin bread-6
On the way home from the Jockey Lot:
For Dinner:
Two small baked potatoes with spray butter-4
Bacos (as topping on my taters)-1
Salad with FF Ranch-2
Scoops Fro-Yo-5

Daily Points Value-20
Points Used-28

Total= +8!
Oops! Yep...over again! This happened TOO many times this week! I gotta do better! My sister friends, Molly and Nikki, are also doing WW and I'm hoping by doing it together we can help keep each other accountable and on plan!

***Fingers Crossed***

Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? PLEASE share if you have any tips!

I'm about to curl up in bed on my new Rainbow Bright pillow case (Found it at a yard sale today- it's the exact same one I had when I was a wee gal! YAY!) and read my new US Weekly (only $1 at the Jockey Lot today!) So...Is there any hope for Heidi and Spencer? Gasp! I'm about to find out!

Happy Saturday Night!