"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, May 17, 2010

{Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!}

We have a new Beauty Queen in the Family! My Fruzin, (that's my FRIEND and COUSIN!) MORGAN, was named the 6th grade representative and winner for the ECMS Pageant!

{Who will it be? Who will it be?}

{Congratulations! It's Morgan Pless!}

{OMG! Totally beautiful INSIDE and OUT!}

{Hi, My name is Morgan, and I got a crown!}

{Family Foto: Fran, Carl, Morgan Aka "THE QUEEN", and lil' Cam!}

{Us girls celebrating with our FRUZIN!}

{Ali, Me, Erin, and Cam}

{Bond and Ali!}

{Three Cute Cousins...Meagan, Morgan, and Ali!}

{Three CRAZY Cousins!}

{Morgan and Amanda Erwin, who will be competing in the MISS GA pageant soon!}

I'm so proud of you Morgan!

So...shifting gears just a little...

Look at this awesome pedicure my Mom gave herself!

She could moonlight in the nail salon...but I guess she'd be a little tired since she runs after 4 year olds all day in her Pre-K classroom! But she does it with GORGEOUS nails...don't ya think!? Time to go home soon for a "Pedi by Kathy!"HeHe!

And me, well I got a case of the BLUES...

{It's sorta weird to post closeup pics of feet online. No?}


{Me and Mom hittin' the streets pretty early around 8 am!}

{Well, don't mind if I do!!!}

And here's some of what I found!...

I thought it was interesting, too! Please excuse the curious lil' kitties- it's a vintage thermos (a BIG vintage thermos) with a matching carrying case! Awesome! $5 for both! Will be used for picnics, family get-togethers, and at various other occasions!

And here's the rest of my loot:

Rainbow Bright Pillow Case
Tupperware gelatin mold (I've been wanting one of these!)
Two planners (Should last awhile! Lol! The one I have now lasts thru next June so if anyone needs a nifty lil' planner...let me know!)
A cup/container
Two movies (From the Jockey Lot...illegal?Not sure!)
Two magazines (Already read um'...and got lots of enjoyment out of um'!)
Madeline Book (I LOVE Madeline books. I think this is the first one for my collection!)
Light Pink (Warm and Cozy!) Shaw (I actually got this at a yard sale in town and it just so happened to be an old college friend of mine! Cool!)
Two brand new prayer of Jabez books with matching journals (will make great gifts!)
Red divided basket (for putting napkins and plastic cutlery in at Holidays, they work great for that purpose!)
LL Bean change purse with strap (just wearing it made me ready for a vacation!)
New Baby Toy (Stackable tower like thing...for a friend's baby shower)

Grand Total (including Thermos/matching case)= $17!

Not too shabby!

Spending the day with my family...PRICELESS!


Hope everyone had a great day!



stephie hicks said...

yay Morgan!

Bubba said...

Tell Morgan I said Congrats! She is beautiful! I'm so glad she won.

Bubba said...

Oh, and your mom's nails look GREAT!

Dee said...

She is Beautiful! It must run in y'all family because all of you girls are just gorgeous! LOVE the toes! I need to make an appt. with your mama lol.