"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, May 10, 2010

{Lookin' for a sale...one street at a time!}

A yard sale that is!

I had all intentions of getting up REALLY early Saturday morning and hittin' the road...the early bird gets the worm, ya know...LOL...but that didn't happen because at 9:30 am I was still snoozing under my covers! Very happily snoozing I might add! Luckily, though, my mom called and woke me up...SAVED!...and I made it out for some garage sale rummaging!
{Sometimes I just LOVE feeling like a little gypsy, wandering around town, looking for treasure in eccentric outfits!} WEE!
*Check out my Dollar Tree shades!*

I ABSOLUTELY love my neighborhood because all I have to do is drive down a block on Saturday morning and more often than not, I run right into a yard sale...and then another...and then another. And it was no different this Saturday! YAY!

Here are some of my finds!

{A "pearl" and "gold" bauble bracelet!}

{Superstar Earrings!}

{Electric Earrings...lol!}

{Five crocheted headbands...I'm REALLY into these right now!...with a little clip!}

{Big, Comfy, Fleece Robe!}
{Bag O' Ribbon...I already used some of it to jazz up my Mother's Day packages!}
{Been wanting to sport some blue nails...this color was so pretty!}

All of the above:

$4.50! I really feel green when I recycle other people goods! HA!

**I also got a swimsuit (already washed and made new!) I forgot to get a photo**

The first yard sale was a big one and I spent about an hour looking through all their treasures. I stopped at a few more but didn't find anything I wanted to take home with me...*wink* So the next stop was the Dollar Tree where I found:
{False Eyelashes and Adhesive which I wore to the Ladies Banquet at Church that night!}

Then I went by CVS to make a special purchase for my lil' Cuz Camryn...Silly Bandz...which are all the rage among the little folks these days! Why didn't I think of that!!!

Finally, a stop at Goodwill to get these to new T-shirts for $1...
And this Caboodle to hold more of my new goodies!

I'm gonna to have to build on a new room for my Caboodles before long if I'm not careful! And that would be fine with me!!!



Dee said...

I need to go shopping with you! =) I LOVE bargain shopping!

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

We should do it sometime for real!!

Brow Raised Beauty said...

You look like you had a fantastic time with this haul! And your gypsy pic is just so fun:) Yard sales and Garage Sales are such a goldmine!

I'm so excited you got the blue color - I actually got my hands on some of the stuff I was hoping for.

Elizabeth said...

Laura Lou,
I just wanted to let you know that every time I see a Caboodle, I ALWAYS think of you. I miss you, friend. We definitely WILL get together once my school lets out! It's a must! There is a pretty good flea market up my way right off of 85 that has some pretty good stuff. Maybe we can visit there one Saturday! Oh! Are you doing any kind of Bible study right now? I'm trying to find something new. I love you!