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Saturday, May 8, 2010

{Hi. My name is Patrick and I'm a Graduate}

That's my BIL Patrick and he graduated from The Univeristy of South Carolina this weekend with a degree in Finance. That's me and Trav really happy for him! Cum Laude, too! Go PRada!

Here is the Graduate eating his graduation day salad

And being photographed unknowingly!

This is Me, Trav, Bette, and Nun Nun waiting anxiously on our food...

YUM!...I ordered the Mixed Green Salad with Pan Seared Salmon...MWWWAH! It was DELICIOUS!

See Me, Bette, and Lynn after our delicious meal at Za's Brick Oven Pizza in Cola Town..

We were stuffed and happy!
We had a big group to celebrate Patrick's accomplishments...

And we were all SO PROUD!

After lunch we headed to the Colliseum for the Ceremony!

...And Patrick put on his cap and gown...

Then climbed the stairs to a bright future!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Finally, no more papers, homework, or tests! YAY! We love you!!!

Now, switching gears a little to the Beauty Scene for the day...

Please prepare yourself for the stark "whiteness" you are about to encounter (aka-PUT YOUR SUNGLASSES ON!)

The "oh-so-white" one is mine, the other is my Mom's nicely self-tanned leg! Go mom! Lookin' good and keepin' it healthy! Motivation to bust out the spray tan bottle!
And remember that purple eye shadow I told you about HERE?
This is it...

And this is the result...

Hopefully you can see the purple effect I was going for {not to mention the Goody headband that gives you such an 80's rocker feelin'!}
This shadow has AMAZING staying powder for a cheap eyeshadow (they usually get oily and crease up...yuck!) but this one stayed smooth all day and didn't migrate all over my face. I am going back to check out other shades soon!

Now for some bad news...
I rarely have a BAD product review because I normally purchase my products carefully (since I'm spending my own money, ya know?!) and pick stuff I'm pretty sure I'm going to like. But in this case, my Mom had some foundation she said she didn't like and offered it to me. She handed me a bottle of Revlon "PHOTO READY" foundation in Shell which claims to "perfect your skin in any light." I tried it one day last week and found out for myself that it's an ICKY+YUCKY product...GROSS!
It was thin, watery, and super oily (not to mention it had only the SLIGHTEST coverage)and the only photo I felt ready for was a mugshot! So, into the trashcan it goes! I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it...sorry Mom!

Well, it's been a long but exciting day but it's time to wind down and read some magazines

...and then try to get some zzz's. Lots of FUN Mother’s Day activities planned for tomorrow!


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Dee said...

I LOVE how you always post so many pictures in your post =) they always make me smile!