"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, May 3, 2010

Special weekend with my Lil' Bro!

This weekend was so FUN and I got to spend it doing FUN things with Brian! Friday night we went to Trav's cousin Adam's soccer game! We had lots of fun watching Adam play goalie and then tossing the football around afterwards! Brian caught a tough pass from Trav's brother Patrick and talked about it all weekend!

When we got home Friday night we made some yummy dessert!





...After staying up WAY to late and eating icecream (like you should at slumber parties with your big sis!) we hit the hay...
Saturday morning we got up pretty early and went to a few yard sales. We found Brian some new flip flops, some cute kid books, a scooby-doo video game for Brian, and some other stuff! I forgot to take pics...oops! After yardsales we picked up my friends Ann and Bubba for a trip to Wendy's for lunch!

When I got home Saturday I actually did some cleaning...aren't you impressed!!!

*Me during the cleaning*

*Me after the cleaning...so happy it's done!*
We goofed around with Glory, Rex, and Roxie for a little while...

And then we went to Bubba and Ray's for a BBQ with family and friends!

Finally, Sunday morning we went to Church and then Brian helped me plant some cat grass for Rex and Roxie so they'll stop eating all the fake plants in the house! Lol! Then for the last treat of the weekend...
CiCi's Pizza!

It was the most WONDERFUL weekend with family and friends and we made many great memories!

A special THANK YOU to Lynn for sending me a....FOOD PROCESSOR! Yep...you all know I've been looking for one and now I do! Thanks for being so sweet and thoughtful, Lynn!

Hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY!


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Faith said...

I just love your wavy hair...how do you make it look so celebrity like and not frizzy!?!?!?! Like the one of you and Brian at wendy's