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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Mornin' Run!

I can't believe it but I actually got my lazy self up out of bed and went on a run this morning!

I have been thinking about giving running a try for awhile, mainly as a stress reliver and energy booster, and I decided this morning was as good a morning as ever to get started. I put on my lime green running shorts and a cool tank top and hit the pavement. But not for long...

It was HARD! I could only run for about 5 minute intervals (before my lungs felt like they would EXPLODE!) but after walking a few minutes I was able to run another 5 minutes and so on...

It felt so GREAT! My heart was beating out of my chest....my sunscreen mixed with sweat and dripped in my eyes, and my legs were shaking but I haven't felt SO GOOD in SO LONG! I need to get my blood flowin' like that more often. I'm hoping to go up to BAM one day soon and read through some books on running for beginners...to get some good tips. I need all the help I can get!

After my run/walk...*wink*...I went shopping with Molly and Makayla! FUN, FUN! We stopped by Wal-Mart and I got some new deoderant, (P.S. Have they stopped making Teen Spirit? I couldn't find it and I'm freakin' out a little!), some diet dews (probably need to cut back on those if I'm gonna take this running thing seriously), a new CHOCOLATE face mask...GOODY!...and I treated myself to a new Schick Intuition Razor...luxury if you ask me! Then I stocked up on some essentials at "Tar-jay", including some strawberry shredded mini wheats, oatmeal, and mini pretzels. We had a great time and as usual, Makayla was a good lil' shopper and cuter than ever...then....

*Enter the Green Monster!*

Wait til' you get a "load" of this story! LOL!

Molly has had a hard time finding a carrier, kind of like the one below,

{P.S. This is a GUCCI carrier! Fabulous! The one at target...not a Gucci...lol!}

...so we decided to try one out while we were shopping. We opened one up and strapped Makayla in for a little walk around the store. The carrier seemed to be workin' pretty well so we decided to test it out a little while longer and wandered over to the clearance section to take a looksy. As we were browsing the racks, Makayla "tooted" a couple times and boy did it stink! He!He! But she seemed very content in her new carrier so we continued shopping. A few minutes later, she "tooted" so loud that a lady beside us said "Was that your baby?" with a big smile on her face. We were laughing so hard that I almost peed in my pants. And that's about when "IT" happened. We were adjusting the new carrier so that Makayla could test out riding on Mo's back. I grabbed Makayla to turn her around and came out with a hand covered in "THE GREEN MONSTER!" That loud poot I told ya about a few minutes earlier...well lets just say was more than just a poot...


We ran full speed towards the front of the store where we ran into our Aunt, Uncle, and cousin from Elberton. Needless to say, there was no time for talking! I had on my 1986 Freedom Weekend Aloft tee today (a rare vintage find at the Goodwill Clearance Center! LOL!) so I didn't wanna get it covered in "poo"! I was frantically holding my hand out (did I mention it was green!) and Molly was holding Makayla out at arms length as we ran through the aisles! It was a HOOT!!! A great big GREEN, STINKY, HOOT! About 30 minutes (or more!) later we had a freshly cleaned and happy baby! Makayla will probably kill me one day for telling this story...hehe!...but what precious memories!

So...after that ADVENTURE...

Molly dropped me back off at my house, and I did a little research online on tips for "rookie" runners....

According to Run the Planet, "If you are patient, if you are persistent, if you are consistent, an amazing transformation will begin to occur. Your wonderfully adaptive body will begin to cooperate. It will happen in your own time and at your own pace, to be sure, but the transformation will take place." OOOHHHH....DOESN'T THAT SOUND AWESOME! I know God gave me a body capable of doing lots of great things so I wanna put it to the test! Hopefully I can stay motivated!

And I also discovered it's best to start with a run/walk program and that works good for me! Now I just need to find one...

But first I'm gonna squeeze the last few drops I can out of this beautiful day and enjoy a relaxing walk with Trav and Glory. Ahh...lazy summer days...arent' they just the BEST!?



Bubba said...

About running...make sure you stretch good before you go or else you will get shin splints. I do the walking then running for a little bit then go back to walking then running and it works great. When I first started doing WW last year I lost 4lbs in a week. I was impressed! And remember every half hour you exercise you get 2pts back. That was motivation for me. The walking/running really works and it works your butt. I know your thinking your butt...yes I totally noticed a difference.
I hope this helps you.
Love ya hope you have a good day!

Wow...about the Big Green Monster! OMG!

Dee said...

I to am a Diet Dew-aholic! I HAVE to have at least one a day =) Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my last post! We need to seriously plan a thrift shopping date after the summer!