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Monday, May 24, 2010

{Weekend Update!}

We started the weekend Saturday morning with a carwash and hotdog sale at Church. We raised about $700 towards purchasing "The Purpose Driven Life" for inmates in our area. Yay! {Bubba and Ray}
{Me and Bubba}

After the carwash, I stopped by a few yard sales that were still underway....
And found these "Gucci" shades! I'm sure they're actually "Fucci" shades (fake Gucci) but they're real enough for me! I loved em'!

I also found this "Land Before Time" VHS! This was one of my ALL TIME FAVS as a kid! My favorite character is "DUCKY"! Who was yours? I watched it Saturday night and it was just as good as I remembered!

My 50 cent Old Navy skirt!

{Four new magz for $2.00...not bad! I already read all of them....}

{These cat ears were in a box labeled "free" at one of the yard sales. I grabbed them to add to my costume collection. And then I made Glory into a kitty!}
Now...I must admit that I did a dumpster dive at my neighbors house and found this....

Who knows when I might need to be a spy and record my conversations! Lol!

I found this old Walkman too! Anybody have any old tapes???

And these red gloves! Thanks neighbor! One woman's trash...another woman's treasure! LOL!

After the car wash and yard sales I can home for a little nap. When I woke up, my sweet husband took me out on date! He's a sweetie!

When we left, I noticed my neighbor had left these fresh cut Hydrangeas out for me! I put them in a vase to show them off! They're one of my favorite flowers!

On my way to Logan's with my hubby! I got this delicious Roadhouse Salad with grilled chicken. I got the cheese and bacon on the side and just added a little to make it a little more yummy! And it was!

Then we hit the lanes!

Go Ray! Go Ray!

Go Trav! Go Trav! Trav got a TURKEY! Gobble, Gobble!
Bubba is a GREAT bowler! She beat Trav in the first game....hehe! Go Bubba!

{Me and Bubba...I love this girl!}


{Me + Trav= SO HAPPY!}

{On my very last turn, I finally got a strike! Yippee!}

We decided to swing by Bruster's for a little treat afterwards!

Ray and Jessica got the Strawberry shortcake...

And I opted for this Fat Free No Sugar Added coffee ripple with some Recce's pieces on top! Delicious! Trav got a mint chocolate chip cone and I had a little taste of his, too!


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