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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Running Ramblings...}

I embarked on my second run/walk Monday morning!

Trav and I got up around 6:30 am and took Glory with us. We ran about 6 mintues then walked about 2 minutes for a total of around 40 mintues. I'm not sure because I didn't actually time it but I think that's a pretty accurate estimate.

I have realized that I really need a sports watch...maybe a Waterproof Timex with a pink and black velcro band! Yep, Yep, Yep...that would be perfect! (That's Ducky talk from the "Land Before Time"!)

I have also been researching running shoes. Trav and I watched a special on BAREFOOT RUNNING on ESPN'S REAL SPORTS the other night and it really got us thinking. Travis actually ran barefoot when we went Monday and said he thought it felt great. I however, don't want to risk stepping on anything nasty or sharp! That's a quick way to ruin a workout!

I'm considering the Nike Free shoes....has anyone tried them? I'm in some Saucony's now that I've had for ages. It's probably time to invest in something new.

According to what I've read, BAREFOOT RUNNING helps decrease injuries and is more natural so the foot naturally works the way it's really supposed to while running. Since I'm certainly no expert, I'm gonna have to see for myself and find out what works for me.

I was SORE by the end of the day yesterday. We just took Glory on a walk so our muscles could rest and tonight we will do another run/walk. My goal is to be able to to eventually run a 5K! That's my short-term goal...I have bigger dreams for the future! But one step at a time!


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Bubba said...

Sounds Great! How exciting, so happy for you.