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Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Random Sunday Stuff!}

Here's a quick compilation of lots of things that I did or learned this weekend:
**Makes me sound like a nerdy mathematician, huh?**
Ironically, I'm not so good with numbers except when it comes to discounts and deals! Anyway, here goes....

1. Put cucumber peelings on ant hills and the ants will go away! Easy fix, green, and cheap! Thanks Good Housekeeping!

2. Found a book shelf (a DESPERATELY needed bookshelf!) at the Goodwill Clearance center for $7! I organized all my books and put them in their new home today. I organized them in the following categories:
1. Books about Jesus for Adults
2. Books about Jesus for kids
3. Bearnenstein Bears
4. Dr. Suess
5. Novels
6. Pregnancy and Children (will need one day...hehe!)
7. Holidays
8. Disney
9. Old Year books and other big books
10. Other children's books that didn't fit into any of the above categories.
Now that I'm organized, I'm looking forward to addin to my collection! Pics soon...

3. Had an awesome time with Elizabeth and Bubba in G-vegas....more about that later!

4. Added $30 to my "vacay jar" (thanks for the cute slang, Dee!) courtesy of selling my WW kit! I only have $23 left to my goal for beach spending money! Woo Hoo!

5. Had the "FFF" with my "FFF"! In layman's terms that's the Father's (day) Fish Fry with my Fabulous Funny Family!

6. Ran errands wearing a new head scarf (recently thrifted) that made me feel like a summer gypsie! I felt like running around on a tropical island with no shoes, dining ocean side on fresh sushi and exotic fruits and then roam around the island town buying frivilous little nic-naks while sipping a virgin frozen Margarita with extra salt! What a day that would be! Sorry...seems I got a little distracted...hehe!

7. Got the craving....I mean CRAVING...for some more squash, rice, and chow-chow which is now cookin' up in my kitchen!

8. Organized my closet! Whatta job...Whatta job! I feel very liberated now though since easy outfits now loom at my fingertips! Glad I finally got up the gumption to do it...

9. Accidentally left the lamp post light on all night and all day today...just noticed when I pulled in after grocery shopping. Not Green! Oops!

10. Almost finished reading "Sickened" by Julie Gregory. This is the product description from Amazon:

Sickened by Julie Gregory

"A young girl is perched on the cold chrome of yet another doctor’s examining table, missing yet another day of school. Just twelve, she’s tall, skinny, and weak. It’s four o’clock, and she hasn’t been allowed to eat anything all day. Her mother, on the other hand, seems curiously excited. She's about to suggest open-heart surgery on her child to "get to the bottom of this." She checks her teeth for lipstick and, as the doctor enters, shoots the girl a warning glance. This child will not ruin her plans.

From early childhood, Julie Gregory was continually X-rayed, medicated, and operated on—in the vain pursuit of an illness that was created in her mother’s mind. Munchausen by proxy (MBP) is the world’s most hidden and dangerous form of child abuse, in which the caretaker—almost always the mother—invents or induces symptoms in her child because she craves the attention of medical professionals. Many MBP children die, but Julie Gregory not only survived, she escaped the powerful orbit of her mother's madness and rebuilt her identity as a vibrant, healthy young woman.

Sickened is a remarkable memoir that speaks in an original and distinctive Midwestern voice, rising to indelible scenes in prose of scathing beauty and fierce humor. Punctuated with Julie's actual medical records, it re-creates the bizarre cocoon of her family's isolated double-wide trailer, their wild shopping sprees and gun-waving confrontations, the astonishing naïveté of medical professionals and social workers. It also exposes the twisted bonds of terror and love that roped Julie's family together—including the love that made a child willing to sacrifice herself to win her mother's happiness.

The realization that the sickness lay in her mother, not in herself, would not come to Julie until adulthood. But when it did, it would strike like lightning. Through her painful metamorphosis, she discovered the courage to save her own life—and, ultimately, the life of the girl her mother had found to replace her. Sickened takes us to new places in the human heart and spirit. It is an unforgettable story, unforgettably told."


Well, that hankerin' for some chow-chow is calling me back to the kitchen!

Oops...almost forgot the joke again...

Why are E.T.'s eyes so big?


Have a great Sunday Night!


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J and SE said...

That book sounds very interesting. I had a student last year and I suspect that her mother suffers from Munchausen. I may have to pick that book up. I have been reading like crazy this summer so I will add that to my list. By the way, my dad told one of your jokes yesterday at dinner (the one about the clown and the cannibal). Too funny!