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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{Pretty Eats and Not-so-Appetizing Doggy Treats!}

Isn't this just the most BEAUTIFUL cupcake you've ever seen? J-Lowe made them for her wedding shower! She cut mini marshmallows diagonally and then dipped the sticky side into sprinkles and arranged them into a pretty flower! He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not....
After the shower, we ate at a new restaurant in town- The Electric City Grille

It is sorta like a Greek-Grille and the flavors were really strong and different...yet good. We had a hummus appetizer that was to die for!

I hate to go from THAT to THIS....

...but I'm gonna do it anyway! Lol! A major appetite killer! Can you believe that this entire pile of hair came off of Glory in ONE brushing?! She's shedding like a beast this summer! Yikes! Thanks to Trav for doing that dirty job!


Here's your joke for today!

What do you say when your dog runs away?





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Me, Becoming a Teacher said...

I loveeee the cupcakes!!!!