"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Friday, June 11, 2010


Since we were out of diet drinks at home, I decided to get my trusty 50 cent refill on my Spinx Drinx. Slurrrp!

Nothing like starting your day of with 44 oz. of Diet Coke! Yikes! I know...I have a serious problem! hehe!

I was able to accomplish a few of the tasks that I set out to do last night. I got my jewelry all organized for my yard sale...
Necklaces...and there's more where that came from!
And earrings! I still have more to earrings to put out, too! Lots of this stuff I've had since college and it's just time to get rid of it. My hoarding tendencies make that a LITTLE hard! But I am doing THAT so that I can do THIS...
Fill my VACATION JAR! I saw this idea on another random blog awhile back and thought it would be fun to watch the jar get full and then BLOW it in Myrtle Beach! I can't wait! I made up the poem myself, please excuse the "corny-ness"! And I chose Clemson colors, what can I say?

And all the yard sale goods you see here...

It's ALL already organized under my carport! I wanted to get a head start so Saturday morning is easy peasy! But I tried to cover some of it up to avoid yard sale burgulars! If my stuff gets robbed, I'll know it's one of you! hehe!

Last but not least...a few of my recent thrifting finds to spruce up my bathroom!
That retro container colapses into a flat little box. It's plastic and so cool!

And I couldnt' resist this! It was made just for me! Two OLD pieces with NEW homes!




Dee said...

much for the jewelry? I may have to do some online yardsale shopping! =)

Dee said...

typo**how much

What I Say Matters! said...

Good luck on the yard sale!! looks like you have tons of good stuff!!!