"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I think that’s me. And I’ll tell you why…

This running thing…I’m just not so sure it’s for me. I know it’s bad to be a quitter but I have some pretty good reasons why I feel like WALKING is a much better fit for me!

1. Running HURTS! It hurts my knees and my ankles. And the two sports bras I wear in hopes of keeping the “girls” under control barely do the job. Yikes! Hey, just keeping it honest here!

2. I just don’t have the motivation. I know that sounds terrible but I again, just keeping it real. I look forward to long walks so much and I really feel I am able to get my heart rate up and burn calories that way, too. So why not do what I really enjoy?

3. I’m lazy. This one is self explanatory!

So there. I said it. I’m a quitter. I kinda thought this would happen. LOL!

But here’s some good news…

1. Just finished reading ANOTHER book! That’s three so far this month. So that success can negate my lack of dedication to running…right? It was “Staying True” by Jenny Sanford. I appreciated her strong faith and honesty in the book. She put up with A LOT of CRAP! I'm picking up another book at the library today. It's TWEAK by Nic Sherff and it chronicles his journey through an addiction to Meth and then his recovery. Can't wait to read it!
2. I have a JOCKEY LOT adventure planned for this weekend that I can’t wait to tell you about…but not yet!
3. I’m trying to save money for our beach vacation! I’m selling my weight watchers kit on craigslist and have a few other little odds and ends that I plan on posting. My goal is to make at least $200 before the end of June to be used for play money at the beach!!!
4. I’ve been crafting again! Pics to come soon!
5. I’m feeling the peace of God very strongly in my life right now.

There are times when God feels distant and times when he feels close. Although he is ALWAYS close, you probably know what I mean about those times when for some reason you just feel a million miles away. The times when he feels so real and close are AWESOME and I treasure it! I feel prayers being answered and feel God changing my heart in some areas of my life. I’m very grateful that He is always there!

Sorry for the lack of photos the last few days. Hubby bought me some new batteries today so my camera will be back and snappin’ soon!

Let the Peace of God penetrate your mind, heart, and day! It’ll be a good one!


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Bubba said...

Your not a quitter. Actually, walking is better for you anyway. Don't think your a quitter. As long as your doing some sort of exercise your in good shape. And your looking great! I can tell your loosing, and I thought you looked beautiful before. Your a winner in my book.